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Recording studios are as different as the artists who work in them.  So finding one that works for your project can be not only over-whelming, but intimidating as well!   Do you know what microphones, compressors, limiters and pre-amps you need?  Probably not!  All you really want to know is that your engineer knows how to get that sound from inside your head onto a format to share with the world, with the best possible quality.   You also need a creative environment to work!  No matter how far fetched your ideas are, you can share those thoughts with our engineers.  They're artists too, and understand that laying bare your inner-most thoughts on your project is a hard step to take, and they will make you feel comfortable within their environment.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineers

Top Notch Productions

Reviews From Past Clients

Working with Greg was incredible. We came to him very last minute with a set of very specific needs for recording a voice-over to be animated. Not only did he put together and record a perfect session, he was an absolute joy to work with. I've been at this for years and have very rarely had a session run as smoothly as this.

Jeff Short, Film Producer

My experience with Gregory Conte has been nothing short of complete satisfaction. From the beginning of my contact to the completion of my project, Gregory, he has been professional, courteous, timely and always candid and forthcoming. He walked me patiently through the process, explained everything and provided me with the information necessary to make an informed decision. He had no hidden cost, he treated me as a family member and had my best interest all the time. Whether I have another project in the future or not, he is one that I would love to keep in-touch with and one I would recommend to everyone. He is genuine with a good heart and utterly professional. I give him 5 Stars without any reservation!

Asaye Tsegga, songwriter.

Excellent studio! I highly recommend it. Greg is very nice and a real professional! You cannot go wrong. I have already recommended him to someone else. I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I had working with him and will use him again.

Denise Kautter, Audiobook Voice-over Artist

Greg created a musical soundtrack for our feature film "Chasing Dreams" that helped make it a commercial success. His score was right on for helping set the mood and feeling for the film. A true professional and very creative in all his work. I would highly recommend Greg for any musical soundtrack and composing of a score as Producer of "Chasing Dreams".

David Brown, Film Producer/Director.


Greg is a great composer for our web series, Awesome County USA. He really interpreted the themes of the show which involves kids and horses and turned them into great and emotional underscore. He took a song we had written and orchestrated it with careful consideration and inspiration and it is one of the highlights of our series. I have used Greg's composing on other pieces and as each one has been different, he has been able to come up with appropriate and moving music for each one. I recommend him very highly but I secretly hope he doesn't get too famous too fast cause we want to utilize his talents more and more! Greg is thorough and yet able to adapt whatever suggestions and/or changes we might have. I am truly impressed with his talents, his organizational skills, his musicianship and his breadth of knowledge in the music industry. He is able to deliver both fast and good! Not an easy thing to do in this business. He does it with a smile and always aims to please.

Victoria Rose Sampson, Sound Department | Producer | Director

Greg was extremely pleasant to work with. He is a multifaceted talent that produces great works. My experience with Greg was one of punctuality, positive attitude and a depth in research that benefited our project greatly. I recommend Greg highly and look forward to the next time I get to work with him.

Darbi Gwynn, Stunts | Actress | Casting Department


I know him through Video Symphony. I went to him during Christmas break for one of the shorts that i was editing; although it was a break time and my project deadline was pretty tight, he helped me create a really good sound track and sound effects for my short film. He is not just fast but also very professional and creative. Can't wait to work with you in future projects. I would definitely recommend him for any sound work. Thank you for all your help. All the very best for your future.  

Ruju Mehta, Director.

I worked with Greg a couple of months back for my short film. It was a pleasure working with him. He was able to use the little bit of information I gave him before post production was complete to create a wonderful set of music scores which ended up being used on the final cut. Professional and always happy to help. I was very glad he was recommended through mutual friends. Thank you again Greg!

Margie Lopez Director, Producer.

I worked with Greg on the 48 Hour Film Festival. With the constraint on time and the stress level of the project being very high, he was still very professional and was able to work well under the extreme pressure. Even when he didn't get the files he expected, he still worked really well under even tighter deadlines with the loss of time. His quality of his work was exceptional and he was able to compose a finished piece that sounded amazing in record time! Also, he is the NICEST guy and such a pleasure to work with!

Martha Lowe, Production Supervisor, Producer.


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