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Here you will find samples of various types of projects that were recently done by our engineers & our recording studios.   You might not find exactly what YOU want to create, however, these give you an idea of the quality of our work.  Take a listen, and then give us a call and let us turn your dream into a reality! If you need even more samples, visit our other site at West Star Entertainment Group:


Lookin' For Trouble

Lookin' For Trouble is a rockin' blues band that combines rock, blues, R&B, soul & swing into a style all their own.  This is the title cut from  their 2nd CD, entitled  "Look Out". Written, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Greg Conte.

Artist Production #1

You Gave Me Peace is a jazz/soul project with a spiritual side. The client came to us with basic songs and needed help. Some top R&B musicans were hired, and it was recorded, mixed & produced by Greg Conte.  He even wrote the string ararngenment. The cut is the title song from the project,

Film Title Theme #1

This piece of music was written, produced, performed & mixed by Greg Conte as the title theme for a film project in development. Virtual instrument samples were used extensively for this composition.

Film Theme Re-mix

Music editing & mixing is one of our  specialties, and we are able create everything from small ensembles to large orchestral scores. Here you will find a piece created completely with virtual instruments.

Film Trailer Theme

Music for movie trailers is an art form - you have to capture the essence of a film in a short period of time.  Here is a clip from the film trailer for "The Inn At The Mist" - composed, recorded & mixed in our own studios.  West Star Entertainment is also producing this film!  To see the whole clip visit their site below

Artist Production #2

This artist asked us to help her with producing her debut album. It was a mess when we got it!  But. with some organization, some new vocals, new guitar tracks, & a great mix, the songs came back to life!  Her album was released on time & under budget.

Instrumental Music

Lookin' For Trouble is an incredible blues band, and this instrumental piece really shows their muscianship. There is a reason this band was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame!   For a big sound like this for your band, contact us!  Let's talk about making your rock dreams come true!


We do lots of voice work!  Voice-overs, ADR, dialogue replacement, audiobooks, commercials, radio spots, internet  - you name it, we can help you capture it!  We also have all types of voice-over artists to get the right sound for your project.

Radio Jingle

Radio & the internet require hard-hitting and fast music ID clips.  Need one of your own?  Contact us!  It's more affordable than you think for us to custom compose a jingle for your station, business, or internet video.  

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