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Today, if you are trying to sell your artisitc endeavors, it's expected that it be the highest of quality.  But the problem is that you don't have deep-pockets!  Not a problem here! finds you the absolute best studio for your particular project, and these studios work special rates for our clientele.  You want a professional product, and all our studio owners are professional engineers and Certified by AVID in ProTools. 


STUDIO TIME: Engineer & all equipmment included!

As you can imagine, every project has different needs, personnel & requirements, so no "one price" fits all situations.  However, from a simple voice-over to a major film scoring session, we will be unmatched in getting you the right studio, at the best possible price for your session.  And our price includes all equipemnt and engineers.  No hidden fees!

MASTERING: The mystery revealed!

Mastering is the most misunderstood part of the whole process.   But Mastering is essentially bringing a "broadcast"  quality and "polish" to the final product.  Does your project need mastering?   It depends on what you are expecting to do with it!  However, in the event you decide to go in that direction, we work with several mastering houses who are experts in the process and prices for a basic song ae very reasonable.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: so many choices!

Not all songwriters, musicians, bands, etc., know how to "put together" their music.  What instrumentation is needed?  Does it need keyboards, guitars, drums, strings, background singers?  If so, who writes or plays those parts?   That is where we shine!  Our resident music producer, Gregory Conte, has extensive experience in all facets of production in virtually every style of music.  He can also do arranging, orchestration, is a multi-instrumentalist, and has access to other musicians as well.  You bring your song, and he will help bring your musical vision to life! And, of course, all our  consultations are free!

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