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You NEED a recording studio - but where do you start?  How do you find a good one? What is the cost?  How long will it take? We know you have questions, and we can walk you through it all!  We can help you find the right recording studio solution for any project - from simple voice-overs, to a band/artist music project, all the way up to a complete music score for film or TV.  We not only have our own studios and loads of experience, but also are in partnership with various types of recording studios all over California!  We are sure to find you the right one, in the right area, and at the right price! And, we are all nice people to work with!



It comes down to getting your project recorded in pristine, digital quality, and in order to do that, it takes the best equipment & software.  All our recording studios are running ProTools - the "software standard" used within the recording industry. Our engineers are all ProTools experts and are "Certified" by AVID - the creators of ProTools.  Types of recordng include; VOICE: voice-overs, audiobooks, ADR, dialog recording & editing, MUSIC: solo artists to bands in all styles, scores for TV and film SOUND: sound FX & sound design. You name it - We'll record it! And at a price that will fit well into your budget!!



Once your project is recorded, this is where the magic happens! A good mix makes all the difference, and we not only have the tools, but also the expertise to mix your project to the highest standards in the industry, whether for film, broadcast, internet, radio or CD pressing.  In many cases, an artist may need someone to act as "producer" and add instrumentation or arrangement ideas. This is one of our specialties,  and we can gladly help you build your song into a full production.  Once your song is mixed in our recording studios, you may need it mastered. We work with some top mastering engineers to make your project broadcast ready for the world to hear!



You've got this great piece of music, but you only play a little guitar or piano, or maybe no instruments at all.  You would like a little more instrumentation, but how do you start?  We can help with that too! We have access to the very latest in virtual instruments where we can create a small ensemble to fully orchestrated compositions.  Need some "live" musicians?  We have access to every type - all professionals in their field. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, strings, horns, synths - we've got that covered! But the first step is to have a no obligation talk with one of our professionals. We'll show how easy it is to bring your dream to life!



If you think our expertise ends when we hand you your project - think again!  We can help you get your project out into the world!  Want to get it on iTunes, Amazon, Spoitfy and more?  We can help!  Need to put together a CD project complete with artwork, pressing and make it retail ready?  Maybe you are considering even going to vinyl.  We have access to all sorts of pressing houses to get you a package within your budget.  From  50 to 50,000 copies, we can get it done.  How about a website, Facebook page, social media marketing or even a music video?  We have experts in all these fields who can help you through each step - all at economical prices.  We know you are just starting out, but the first step is talking to our experts .  We'll break it down for you and help you on your journey.



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